NARAtive (hereinafter referred to as “our organization”) establishes the personal information protection policy as described below and strives to protect personal information by thoroughly staffing all staff with safe handling of personal information and its importance and recognition.

【1. Purpose of using personal information】
Personal information entered from the mail form on this site is 1) Contact from our group
2) Business Guide
3) As an answer to your question, I will use it for creating e-mails, sending documents, and contacting by phone.

【2. Personal Information Management · Safety Measures】
The organization maintains personal information accurately and up to date, to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc., security We will take necessary measures, such as maintaining the system maintenance and management system, thorough staff training, conduct safety measures and strictly manage personal information.

【3. Prohibition of Disclosure / Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties】
The organization properly manages personal information entered from the mail form in this site and falls under any of the following Except for cases, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties.
1) When there is consent of the principal 2) When the principal discloses to the contractor outsourcing the business to perform the desired service 3) Disclose according to laws and regulations When it is necessary

【4. Inquiries of the principal】
Regarding the personal information entered from the mail form on this site, if the person you entered wishes to inquire, modify, delete, etc., you verify the identity Besides, I will correspond.

【5. Disclaimer】
Although we carefully store and manage and carefully protect personal information about personal information that we input and send when using the mail form system on this site, information We can not guarantee the prevention of leakage, disappearance, tampering by third parties etc. Therefore, we will not bear any responsibility for damage of customers or third parties caused by information leakage, disappearance, tampering by a third party (computer virus, hacking etc.).

【6. Observing and reviewing laws and regulations and norms】

We will comply with Japanese laws and other standards applied to personal information we possess, review the content of this policy as appropriate and make efforts to improve it .

Please contact us for inquiries concerning the handling of personal information of our group.
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