Totsukawa Village

Charm of Totsukawa Village,Nara,Japan

Totsukawa Village- Various fun in the biggest village in Japan

Totsukawa village is located at the southernmost tip of Nara prefecture. It is a village blessed with forest and water resources in contact with Wakayama prefecture in the west and Mie prefecture in the east.Suspension bridges crossing beautiful mountain stream, and a number of magnificent waterfalls, hot springs which heals people,Kindness of people living in village...Totsukawa village has vast nature and a deep history, and it is colored with various attractions.

Highlights of Totsukawa Village

AAutumn leaves

Oaza Sugise,Totsukawa Village It is a autumn leaves picture of the Kannogawa river where we took "INORI" in.

BHot spring

A natural luxury moment with natural hot spring. In Totsukawa village, three natural high hot springs with different fountain quality,"Tousenji hot spring","Totsukawa hot spring","Kamiyu hot spring",and from the excellent Efficacy and beautiful landscapes it is also designated as a "National recreation hot spring area". Totsukawa Onsen Town made the first "Declaration of all natural hot spring" throughout the country in 2004. All of natural hot spring is luxurious because it is rich in source of natural hot spring at Totsukawa Onsen town. ≪Kamiyu hot spring≫ An outdoor bath of Kamiyu hot springs is secret hot spring of Totsukawa village.上湯川沿いに作られたPlease enjoy the outdoor bath with listening the flow of the river slowly. ≪ contact ≫ 090-5009-9041 ≪ business hours ≫ 9:00 - 17:00

CKumano Kodo Street

The holy road is a place where you can return to yourself whenever you visit. Omineokugake michi road which is the base of the religious training carried out in the mountains and Kumano Sankei michi Kohechi which is the pilgrimage road to Kumano are sacred places people have prayed for over a thousand years. ≪ Mountain peak of Mt.Obakodake ≫It rises at the boundary between Nosegawa village and Totsukawa village. Boasting the best view of Oku Takano, 360 degrees panorama spread from the top of the mountain.

DTamaki Shrine

Power spot in deeply mountains Tamaki shrine located at altitude 1000 m of Tamakiyama which opened as a sacred place since ancient times.It is reported that the famous founder of the sect: Kobo Daishi got trained, A rich nature and National Designated Tangible Important Cultural Property, It is filled of a stately culture and a divine power. ≪ contact ≫ 0746-64-0500

ESuspension bridge of Tanize

The longest bridge in Japan is thrilling! "Suspension bridge of Tanize" is the longest iron wire suspension bridge in Japan length of 297.7 meters tall and 54 meters high, which connects "Oaza Tanize" and "Oaza Uenozi". If you cross the suspension bridge, you can enjoy aerial walk surrounded by the beautiful Kumano River flowing and the mountains of greenery. ≪ business hour ≫ 24 hours - Please pay attention to traffic at night. ≪ price ≫ free

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INORI - Location: Totsukawa Village (2012)

There was a time when Konnogawa, a small Japanese mountain village, was cheerful and full of activity; today, young people have left the region to more populated areas in search of job opportunities. Kannogawa is about to disappear, its inhabitants are preparing for death and in this process they search for meaning in their lives.

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