Tenri City

Charm of Tenri City,Nara,Japan

Tenri City- The city where people live life

Tenri city is located in the northern part of Nara Prefecture, the east and west are the major parts of transportation, including Nishi-Meihan Expressway and Meihan national highway, national highway No. 24, national highway No. 169, and Kei-Nawa Expressway. Access to Osaka · Kyoto etc. is also convenient from Tenri Station where the Kintetsu Tenri Line · JR Manyo Mahoroba Line runs and both lines cross. The western part of the city is a livable area included in the Nara Basin, In the eastern mountainous areas, where people live together while being surrounded by rich greenery, agriculture, sports, music and cultural activities are carried out on a daily basis.

Highlights of Tenri City

ARoad around the mountain

From the foot of Mt.Miwa to the north so as to sew the mountain foot, it is the road which continues to the foot of Mt.Kasuga, It is said to be the oldest main road in Japan that appears in old Japanese history. It is also a hiking cource, and on the roadside it is a way to enjoy while feeling the ancient romance of the seasons such as cherry blossoms and persimmon fields as well as scattered monuments and ancient tombs.

BIsonokami Jingu Shrine

It is said to be one of the oldest shrines in Japan, it still has a lot of important cultural assets. A sacred chicken roaming freely in a quiet premises will appear in "Kojiki" "Nihon Shoki". It is said that it is a bird that tells the time the dawn, it is the messenger of God


It is a mountain that was also written in the song of Kakinomoto Hitomaro. Altitude 586 m. You can see various historical sites and castle ruins on the way to the summit, The view from the top is a magnificent view! You can overlook the Nara Basin including three monutains of Nara, Osaka bay and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge can be seen when conditions are satisfied.『Hikari』(Director: Naomi Kawase) is took here.

Dcofufun / Tenri station front square

Tenri station front square. "Cofun" that blend beautifully in everyday life is Its icon. "Cofun" is dotted with about 1,600 in Tenri city.Features outdoor stage, large playground equipment, café and tourist information, the place is used as a place for events, sightseeing, making things and agricultural information, and for recreation.

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THE NIKAIDOS’ FALL - Location: Tenri City (2018)

After the death of Tatsuya’s only son, the family loses the only male heir to their family name. The tragedy also causes Tatsuya’s wife to leave him. As a result, the family’s sickly mother pressures Tatsuya to remarry, albeit with a woman he is not sure he truly cares for. Tatsuya’s daughter, Yuko, also feels obligated to keep the family going and considers marrying a man as a Mukoyoshi, which means he will adopt Yuko’s family name, yet she is reluctant to do this because of her feelings for someone else. Both Tatsuya and Yuko are caught in a dilemma that forces them to choose between family obligation and their own desires.

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