Higashi-Yoshino Village

Charm of Higashi-Yoshino Village,Nara,Japan

Higashi-Yoshino Village- A village with Japanese history and myths

The ancient capital city of Japan "Nara".Among them, Higashi-Yoshino village is located in the east part of Yoshino which has Japanese history and myths .It is a natural rich mountain village surrounded by Yoshino cedar of Japan's three great beautiful forests, nurtured by the Takamigawa River and the Shigogawa River, the rich flow of the Yoshinogawa River. Extinct japanese wolf which people afraid as a vertex of food chain, was living to the end there, it is also the place where the "Tenchu Gumi" finished too early as a pioneering for the Meiji Restoration that triggered the growth of Japan as one of the world's leading powers. However, now under the creative village concept, that young people move to and settled villages is increasing.

Highlights of Higashi-Yoshino Village

ANana Taki Ya Tsubo

Oaza Omata,Higashi-Yoshino Village,Yoshino-gun,Nara pref. It is a Waterfall selected as "100 famous water selection of Heisei" by the Ministry of the Environment in 2008. It is a collective term of the seven waterfalls flows to the "Omatagawa river". "Mt.Isetsujiyama" of mountain range of Daiko is the source of water.It is rich water, It is shaping a beautiful landscape. The area surrounded by artificial forest of Yoshino cedar is one of Japan's three largest artificial beauty forests, Many animals such as capricornis crispus of country's natural monument is living.


Oaza Sugitani,Higashi-Yoshino Village,Yoshino-gun,Nara pref. It is a neat, beautiful mountain called sacred mountain, located at the northern tip of the mountain range of Daiko, and Nara Prefecture and Mie Prefecture border, It has a dignity as expected of mountaineers. Especially, Mt. Takamiyama at the harvest moon night has mysterious beauty. In addition, the appearance of fog ice in winter shining on the azure sky can be said to be a work of art that just made by nature.

CStatue of Japanese wolf

Oaza Ogawa,Higashi-Yoshino Village,Yoshino-gun,Nara pref. Many wild animals have disappeared from the earth due to changes in the natural environment and expansion of human cultural spheres. As a valuable heritage to color the cultural history of Higashi-Yoshino village which propagate natural protection, In 1986 "Statue of Japanese wolf" was built, it is committed a slight hope that the Japanese wolf who had been roaring in the mountain range of Daiko long ago is still alive, it is expressed that gallant figure in bronze statue.

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THE WOLVES OF EAST - Location: Higashi-Yoshino Village (2016)

Higashi Yoshino village resident Akira (Fuji Tatsuya) becomes so obsessed with the phantasmal Japanese wolves that he loses his job and his friends. Consumed by delusional fantasies about the wolves and recollections of his travels to Cuba, Akira heads ever deeper into the Yoshino woods.

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